Full menu

Queste le nostre principali proposte.
La disponibilità dei piatti è legata alla stagionalità e alla reperibilità delle materie prime.


Parmigiana di melanzane
Grilled eggplant with garlic and basil
Raw meat beat the knife
Veal with tuna sauce
Potatoes, cheese and aioli
Chevre chaud
Omelette with herbs
Borage leaves and herbs in batter
Flan with various sauces
Salt cake
Chicken salad with balsamic vinegar
Chunks of cod in batter
Smoked trout
Creamed cod fish
Sfincione and various salt cakes
Liver pate
Fillet of cod baked with olives and sun-dried tomatoes
Beetroot, anchovies and green peppers
Marinated quail eggs
Pork fillet in a crust of salt and herbs
Insalata russa
Zucchini flowers in batter
Gallina bollita in insalata
Caprino al forno con nocciole e peperoncino

First dishes

Tajarin al ragù
Tajarin sausage and leek sauce
Tajarin sausage and leeks with spinach and Gris Becetto cheese cream
Tagliatelle di farina di ceci con burro, patate e rosmarino
Baked Pasta
Ravioli with ricotta and spinach
Ravioli with ricotta and nettles
Ravioli of chicken
Ravioli of three roasts
Ravioli with sausage and cabbage
Risotto or orzotto with spinach and “tumin dal mel” cheese cream
Risotto or orzotto with red chicory
Risotto or orzotto with raw vegetables
Risotto or orzotto with herbs
Maltagliati pasta with beans
Egg butterfly pasta with sausage and mushrooms
Egg butterfly pasta with herbs
Cavatelli or orecchiette with broccoli and anchovies
Cavatelli or orecchiette with nostrale cheese, olives and herbs of provence
Tripe stew
Vegetable cream soup
Potato soup chickpeas and salt cod

Second courses

Capocollo pork cooked in a wood oven
Pork ribs cooked in a wood oven
Pork leg cooked in a wood oven
Lamb leg cooked in a wood oven
Pork knuckle cooked in the wood oven
Beef scaramella cooked in the wood oven
Beef neck in a wood oven
Lamb rolata with mint
Three cooking times for rabbit
Rabbit with olives and pine nuts
Rabbit with mustard
Roasted rabbit
Rabbit “alla provenzale”
Quail stuffed
Roast quail
Quail “alla babi”
Chicken “alla cacciatora”
Roast chicken
Piedmontese mixed fry or fish (depending on quantity and courses)
Bollito misto
Trout baked in foil
Braised in Barolo
Traditional roast
Brains, butter and rosemary
Salt cod cooked in the oven
Salt cod breaded
Salt cod with vegetables and olives cream
Pork cheek “alla provençale”
Beef fillet
Escaloped beef fillet with mushrooms
Beef fillet with herbs
Beef fillet with ancienne mustard
Eggplant Parmigiana (V)
Tomino cheese cooked on the plate (V)
Gratin vegetables (V)
Poached eggs with cheese fondue (V)


Price depending on the quantity
We carefully select the cheeses from our valleys and beyond


Selection of three desserts
Jam or carpendu apple tart
Ricotta tart and chocolate
Chocolate pudding
Martin sec pears
Chocolate cake
Fruit and cream cake
Nougat soft-ice-cream
Apple fritters